Product overview

High quality digital experience, all stakeholders informed and real customer insights.


Your content always on-brand. In just a few minutes, anyone can easily craft stunning, highly personalized microspaces for your (potential) clients.

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Share your story and enable your internal champion to sell internally with accessible, centralised content.

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See how your prospects engage with your content. Know which content is converting and which needs improvement.

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Create beautiful, customised microspaces at scale

Share your story with all relevant parties

Our platform allows you to enhance communication and collaboration across the board by effortlessly engaging all stakeholders.

Share your microspace and watch it go viral.

Share your unique story and let your contact invite their peers, gaining valuable insights from all stakeholders involved.

Build your story throughout the journey

Build your story and offer your audience the right information at the right time.

Reliable and secure

Our microsite ensures top-tier security, creating a safe haven for sharing crucial documents.

Integrate with your stack

Easily integrate Microspace with your favorite tools and automate your workflow.

Learn and get smarter

Leave the guesswork behind and see how your prospects engage with your content. Know which information are converting and which need improvements.

Real insights

Sell smarter

See what buyers are reading and clicking on and personalize your next touchpoint based on their behaviors.

Get notified

Stay informed

Stay informed about your customer's content engagement for timely, strategic next steps.

Support the journey

Optimize & adapt

Refine microspace content using engagement data for a personalized, impactful user experience.

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