Microspace for Sales teams

Win more deals with a stand-out buyer experience

Transform your sales approach with a digital hub that offers you valuable insights into the Decision-Making Unit (DMU) of your potential customers. Close deals more efficiently at a fraction of the engagement cost.
Designed for hands-on sales professionals, not just managers.

Dynamic Sales Deal Room

Keep all crucial sales content in a secure, digital space. Make your first impression count with clear, interactive, and professional materials tailored for each prospect.

Support Complex Sales Cycles

Put all information into one digital space to provide a seamless buying journey. All your files, videos, demo recordings, use cases.

Deep Insights into Decision- Makers

Understand the dynamics of your DMU. See buyer interactions to personalize your approach and identify key stakeholders for better communication.

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Picture of Marc van der Lee, Sales Manager bij Cito

I have never seen a tool adopted
so quickly by a sales team.

Marc van der Lee

Manager Sales

Logo cito

I'm using this in all my pre- and post-sales communications with prospects and customers. They like it. It stands out from the usual email ping-pong.

Wilfried Rijsemus

Sales Director

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Get to know all decision makers

Help your internal champion sell with centralised information

Put all information into one digital space to provide a seamless buying journey.

Gain insight into customer engagement

Make better decisions through improved insights

Know which information really makes an impact on your contacts and determine your next step.

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