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Key features

Our super easy space editor
Unlimited microspaces
Unlimited microspace visitors
Personalize your branding
Engagement analytics
Help center & email support
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Question 1

What is Microspace

Microspace is an exciting new way to create a digital space that meets your specific client needs. Each site created will be unique and beautiful, just like your business!

Question 2

How does the money back guarantee work?

Setting up an account only takes a few seconds, and once you’re all set-up you can start sharing your Microspaces straight away. Sign up is completely free – we never ask for payment details – and at any time before your 14-day trial period ends you can cancel or switch to a different plan if that’s what you prefer.

Question 3

Can I change the number of users?

Microspace offers you the ultimate in control. You can add or remove users anytime. When you update the number of users, your bill will immediately be charged or credited as needed.

Question 4

Can I cancel my plan

Of course, we hope you’ll join us and use Microspace. If you decide you don’t want to use Microspace after all, simply cancel your account. If you decide to cancel, your microspaces will be turned off, and you’ll will no longer have access to your account.

Question 5

Do you have any discounts for students or non-profits?

Yes! Get in touch.